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More energy through vegan nuitrition

Fitness, Healthy, Strong, Uncategorized - Carola - 12. October 2016

Many of my friends and clients are amazed by how much energy I always have, despite my mainly vegan/plant-based nutrition. As you know, I am not a vegan and enjoy my life but I love to prepare my food with fresh, seasonal ingredients mostly in the raw food aisle, i.e. also plant-based.

When developing my independent business, which I initially started with a lot of sport lessons, I discovered that this kind of nutrition suits me best, as it doesn’t burden my body, offers all important nutrients, and grants me a degree of calmness and balance in my daily life as well, which is certainly more than necessary in the first years of a start-up.

So how was it possible to receive the nickname “Duracell Bunny” while I live without animal products for 95% of the time? There are so many nutrition myths and after a while, one simply does not know what to believe anymore.

I can only speak to you from my own experience, and in my opinion it is possible. Here are a couple of facts summarized for you.

Veganism is also suited for elite athletes

It also one of the reasons for the creation of the nutrition platform Wellville that wants to show you how to provide your body with strength and endurance and reach great goals by using natural and mostly plant-based nutrition.

There is absolutely nothing to say against plant-based nutrition or a vegan lifestyle for professional sports. Even if most plants have a lower energy density than a steak, they supply us sufficiently with important carbohydrates.


A balanced diet as a vegan is possible!

How about protein supply?

Many athletes regard animal proteins in form of meat dishes, milk products, eggs, and protein shakes as irreplaceable based on the better amino acid profile. However, if you combine various plant-based protein sources and superfoods such as lentils, flax seeds, as well as our Wellville Superfood Mix Gladiator,  you will get a similar worth. You will really not have to succumb to the paranoia of checking which amino acids are included where. It is enough to select foods with sufficient protein content. Due to the lower worth, athletes will require 1g protein per kg of body weight in case of plant-based nutrition (meat eating athletes require only 0.8g).

Very athletic vegans should regularly check their blood values in order to recognize deficiency symptoms

And now here is the explanation, why I am so fit: The advantage of natural food supply is that the body will require less energy for metabolizing it. So it frees more energy for athletic performance and for the daily life in general.

Very athletic vegans are advised to receive continuous check-ups in order to prevent or recognize deficiency symptoms, especially concerning vitamin B12, iron, and magnesium. Products such as yeast (e.g. alcohol-free wheat beer or Isano metabolism bars) assist you, as they are high in vitamin B12.

If you have any questions, please contact me at any time – I would love to talk with you about it (

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